During the months of June and July 2021, the IDEA Forum put out a community survey to engage the community in an initial discussion about diversity in New Braunfels. Nearly 2,400 responses were received from the community. The survey was publicized on the City of New Braunfels website and social media, as well as by several local nonprofits. Survey participants were asked to provide their perception of the level of acceptance in the community and barriers in specific areas of community life (affordable housing, education, voting, etc.). Survey participants were also given the opportunity to provide input on areas they felt the community did well or needed to improve in regards to diversity. Overall, the survey responses provided the IDEA Forum with important information regarding the New Braunfels community. This information offers guidance for the Forum’s future initiatives and will assist in focusing community engagement efforts.   

On March 31, 2022 the IDEA Forum held a community meeting for the public to hear about the survey results and how they will inform the work of the group moving forward.